No more fees

At the beginning, the idea of a vault was to share the stake among several people, to automate the compounding of farm rewards using gas in a more efficiently way. Hence compound automation was conceived, obtaining compound interest and at the same time saving gas.

But, there are different types of vaults.

Vaults are projects with developers that have a monetary interest, for that reason they charge a fee of the profits. As its interest is pecuniary, we place this type of vault in the category “oriented for the benefit of developers”

Later, as the vaults were…

Connecting networks and increasing values

Presenting the very first Polygon-BSC bridge. Supra Finance expands to it’s third network. Now our investors can move between FTM, BSC and Polygon.

How it works?

Users can send BUSD token from BSC, and receive at Polygon wBUSD, our new crosschain fully colateralized stable coin.

Just enter, type the amount to transfer and approve.

Take new opportunities, easy and safe

Supra Finance team presents FTM-BSC bridge as a solution that will allow investors to benefit from the opportunities arising in the DeFi enviroment.

How it works?

Users can send SUPRA token from one network to another using our platform

Each transaction is limited to 10 SUPRA maximum, depending on the amount of pending operations, and the status of the network, the process could take from 30 seconds to 20 minutes.

Closed Beta Version

As a first stage, we Supra will provide a Closed Beta to use the Bridge, during this time, Supra Finance charges a services fee of 0.02…

Passive yields using Supra tokens

Each time users deposit in our vaults, they receive in return a proof of stake token, we like to call them Supra Tokens.

In other platforms, this kind of tokens doesn’t have a use, but Supra Finance it’s always innovating to give users higher returns for their investments.

The first example of this is Supra Farms where you can stake your BTD-BUSD and BTS-BUSD Supra Tokens to gain Supra.

Now, we are proud to share with our community the Ut-Supra token.


This token receives passive yields directly from Supra Finance fees. Users can benefit…

Double rewards using BTD-BUSD and BTS-BUSD

As you probably know, Supra Finance launched nearly at the same time as Bat True Dollar, Pikachu Crypto (One of our CMs and Devs) has a strong connection with Bolt Dollar and he trusted so much on that project that our first vaults were BTD-BUSD and BTS-BUSD.

Two months later, we still love Bolt Dollar (Formely known as Bat True Dollar) and we choose them as the perfect candidate of our enhanced vaults. These vaults has improved in security, anti-bot measures and performance.


1.- If…

Welcome to Supra Dollar — an algorithmic stablecoin running on Binance Smart Chain.

Supra Dollar is an innovative solution that can adjust its supply deterministically to move the price of the token in the direction of a target price to bring programmability and interoperability to DeFi, it is designed by the Supra Finance team as the algorithmic stablecoin on Binance Smart Chain

Starting on April 3rd 00:00 UTC

Inspired by Basis and its predecessors (Empty Set Dollar and bDollar), Supra Dollar is a multi-token protocol that consists of three tokens: SDO (the algorithmic stablecoin), Supra Dollar Shares (or SSO, which…

On BSC we have seen rugpulls almost everyday, Supra team is tired and sick of that, see how people loss their hard-earned money. We wanted a solution so the idea of Supra Voodoo came to us.


$VOODOO Magic…

It is simple. A degen farm with a plot twist. We open the coffins of some dead tokens and bring them back to life. Our first candidates were $FROG and $ZOMBIE.

Summon pools:

Supra is a limited supply token, with only 10,000 units. It is strictly related to FLP in the Supra Finance Ecosystem.

In a first stage, only one thousand Supra (10%) were released towards the distributor / swap contract, then 1000 were distributed on sponge finance. So far 8000 tokens are still locked in the contract through an internal timelock of 72 hours long.

Falopa (FLP) is a highly deflationary and low-circulating token. No liquidity will be added by the devs, no more will be issued and the token is burnt with every transaction! Only 1000 have ever existed and the number is only going to get lower

At the moment of writing, 500+ FLP has been burnt

FLP Stats

How much does FLP burn?

If the holder has less than 1% of the supply, 8.33% of the tx amount will be burnt when transferring.

If the holder has more than 1% but less than 25%, 5% of the tx amount will be burnt when transferring.

If the holder has more…

Supra Vaults — BSC Farming simplified

Supra Finance offer several investment options, one of them is “Vaults”. These vaults automatize the compounding process on farms so the user doesn’t need to worry.

What is it?

Simply: an auto-compounding service. It is as simple as 1–2–3:
1) Approve contract.
2) Deposit your assets.
3) Watch them grow.

With vaults, your earnings are harvested and restaked automatically without you having to pay a gas fee to maximize your profits. The interest is paid daily, depending on vault it can happen 5+ times daily! This allows to increase your profit exponentially.
Lets look at an example: Joe invest 1000 USD worth of X…

Supra Finance

Supra is a project for #Defi at #BSC implementing innovative low, medium and high risk investment systems

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