Love UBE vaults

Holding what you love most ❤️

Great things happen when two exciting projects meet. That is exactly what Supra Finance and UBEswap have for their users with the new Love UBE vaults.

Starting with two pairs, mcUSD-wETH and CELO-UBE these new vaults will sell the CELO reward and create more LP at least each hour, all while staking the precious UBE for the users to claim at any moment.

Clicking “CLAIM UBE” wil not withdraw your LP

While the UBE is in the vault, it is being used in the UBE single stake to generate more UBE and more compounded interest. In this way, the users earn more LP and more UBE. The UBE token can be claimed directly from the vault or withdrawing the LP. Choosing Withdraw makes the LP to go to your wallet, so you no longer earn rewards.

You will see your Compounding amount increasing❤️

Earn great yields, hoard UBE and enjoy your time, Supra is doing everything for you!

Supra LOVE UBE Vaults

Direct links to each Vault
- mcUSD-wETH:



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Supra Finance

Supra is a project for #Defi at #BSC implementing innovative low, medium and high risk investment systems