Supra — Tokenomics

Supra is a limited supply token, with only 10,000 units. It is strictly related to FLP in the Supra Finance Ecosystem.

In a first stage, only one thousand Supra (10%) were released towards the distributor / swap contract, then 1000 were distributed on sponge finance. So far 8000 tokens are still locked in the contract through an internal timelock of 72 hours long.

Supra Stats

Other subsequent distributions will be made for other purposes: farming, liquidity, etc., all depending on the state of the project and demand.

Why Supra token is special?

Vault fees are used to buyback Supra, so holders can stake their Supra Tokens at Supra Finance and benefit from this mechanism earning more Supra.

At the same time, when users stake Supra, they receive UT Supra, which can be staked at Supra Voodoo to earn our other token VOODOO. That way, Supra holders receive a double yield for using our platforms.

Where can I stake Supra?

As described above you can stake directly Supra at Supra Finance.

Otherwise, we offer several pairs:
Supra-FLP (Vault on Supra Finance and Farm on Sponge Finance)
Supra-BNB (Vault on Supra Finance and Farm on Sponge Finance)
Supra-CRL (Farm on Coralfarm Finance)
Supra-BNB (Farm on Hyper Jump)
VOODOO-Supra (Farm on Supra Voodoo)
Supra-BNB (Farm on Supra Voodoo)
Supra-FLP (Farm on Supra Voodoo)

How to buy Supra?

Go to Pancakeswap (



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Supra Finance

Supra is a project for #Defi at #BSC implementing innovative low, medium and high risk investment systems