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2 min readApr 1, 2021

Passive yields using Supra tokens

Each time users deposit in our vaults, they receive in return a proof of stake token, we like to call them Supra Tokens.

In other platforms, this kind of tokens doesn’t have a use, but Supra Finance it’s always innovating to give users higher returns for their investments.

The first example of this is Supra Farms https://stats.supra.finance/supra-farms where you can stake your BTD-BUSD and BTS-BUSD Supra Tokens to gain Supra.

Now, we are proud to share with our community the Ut-Supra token.


This token receives passive yields directly from Supra Finance fees. Users can benefit for just holding Ut-Supra, or provide liquidity at one of our dear partners Slime Finance Swap https://dex.slime.finance/#/pool using the Ut-Supra/WBNB pair.

Stake Ut-Supra/WBNB at Supra Farms https://stats.supra.finance/supra-farms to win even more Ut-Supra.

Provide liquidity at Slime swap and earn utSupra

Supra tokens are the next step on the development of the platform. We hope our investors take advantage of the passive yields that Supra tokens can provide, and make great strategies using Supra farms.


Stake VOODO earn utSupra

Smart investors earn great yields using the entire Supra Finance ecosystem, what are you waiting for?



Supra Finance

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